Gettin’ my blog on

I left corporate america for a stay-at-home mom gig.  I did the math of the numbers that were most important to me; it was ugly.  This handsome little guy was spending time with his caregiver that was equal to the time he was awake with me.  Even if you count the hours I watched him sleep, it just didn’t add up. I am extremely thankful for this new chapter, one where I can be a part of all his special moments instead of just some of them.  Moments like the one here of his sweet face in the morning light.

domestic devotion

I give a big ole shout out to my amazing husband for making this happen. Without him, I would be doing PowerPoint slides instead of blog posts.  I love you, D!

domestic devotion


One thought on “Gettin’ my blog on

  1. Emmet is so cute I can’t believe Gradma Ann let you take him back to Texas. Consider yourself lucky that she didn’t high jack him. I know I would have.

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