baby travelWe took a trip to Boston last week and stayed in Beacon Hill.  It was street after street of hundred year old cobblestone sidewalks and buildings.  I just loved the old architecture.

kids travel

On a playground right on the Charles river we had a few firsts…

baby travelbaby travelOur first time swinging.

kids travelkids travelOur first time climbing stairs.

baby travelkids travelIt was so much fun that we went back and did it all again the next day.

travel with kidstravel with kidsWe played in the grass at the Boston Common.

travel with a babytravel with a babyNo trip to Beantown is complete without a regular from Dunkin’.

travel with a baby

This sweet boy is cutting his first tooth!  At the same time, he’s decided he will not nap without me next to him.  I hope this is just a phase.  Come on through tooth!  Mommy does not need 3 naps a day…


A boy and his dog

Emmet has a buddy.  His name is Lovebug. (I love that adorable drip of drool!)

Lovebug lets Emmet love all over him.  This includes loving on his ears.

And his nose.

Lovebug loves Emmet right back too.  Emmet laughs and laughs when Lovebug gives him kisses.

Just a boy and his dog…

Busy busy

We’ve been busy playing with some new toys, some old ones and reading our books. Emmet is now touching and feeling all the touchy-feely things in his books. It’s pretty exciting.  A little less exciting is that he now plays by himself more.  Even when I am being my most fun, sometimes he just wants to cruise around and ignores the toys I try to tempt him with.

We’ve also been tasting our toys…

We went to a farm and saw this sweet bike.

And this hen and her little chicks.


We’ve entered the realm of solid foods.  I love to cook and babyfood is no exception. Entertaining Emmet while I steam and puree foods is no easy task.  I’ve been hunting for finger foods that he can feed himself and came across these molasses teething cookies. He will gum on one of these for a good twenty minutes.

baby food

baby food

Up until now the dogs have not taken any interest in Emmet.  Bella, who is known to knock over the kibble container every once in awhile and eat to her hearts desire, has now realized that Emmet drops things.  Like food.  She will sit patiently each time he has food and wait. And wait.  And hope he drops something she can quickly gobble up.

familyThese tasty little cookies also make quite the mess.  The kind of mess that requires a bath. This time, Daddy gave Emmet a bath in his pool outside.  Please ignore the dead grass.  it has been the kind of hot that takes your breath away when you step outside. Two months of that + no sprinkler system = goodbye grass.


yoga with baby

We started yoga class last week.  Emmet did really well considering there were about 7 other littles in there and all but one of them were walking.  He crawled right out into the middle of the room with the group and played.  It wasn’t until thirty minutes later that he looked back at me.  Thirty long minutes I waited while doing poses with one eye cracked open, waiting for him to give me that look. The look that says it’s time for me to come snatch him up and comfort him like only mommy can.  After a few minutes of snuggles, he was off again chasing balls and taking in the other littles.  When we came home he was in the most zen state.

yoga  with baby

yoga for baby


We just spent a lovely 75 degree and family filled week in my beloved Northern Michigan. It was the first time my side of the family has been able to all get together since E joined us.

baby travel

Grandma Ann read Emmet one of his favorite books.  It’s filled with animals.  I suppose you don’t actually read it.  You just make the noises of all the animals on the pages.  Little did I know, I was in for a treat when it came to the turkey.  I was expecting to hear, “Gobble gobble,” when she came to that page.  Nope, not my mother.  She let out a real-deal bad ass turkey call!

baby travelGrandpa Denny organized a boys day complete with embroidered shirts.  Emmet didn’t get to go along with them this year, but he rocked his shirt while hanging out with Grandma and I.  This picture was taken in the morning before they took off on their day of adventures.   Do you see the smirks on their faces? Those are the devilish smirks of boys who are about to have some sick fun.  They are already planning for next year!

kids travel

kids travel

Beachin’ it! This was a game of softball in which one could choose to run or swim the bases.  Cousin Jack came up with that brilliant idea.

Emmet and I took lots of walks on the trails at Grandpa Denny’s.  It reminded me of playing in the forest growing up.  (Insert moment of sap here.)  We listened to all the yummy forest noises like birds singing and squirrels rustling in the leaves.  This was my favorite part of our trip.

What’s your favorite part of your last vacay?

baby travel

I love this guy!