We’ve entered the realm of solid foods.  I love to cook and babyfood is no exception. Entertaining Emmet while I steam and puree foods is no easy task.  I’ve been hunting for finger foods that he can feed himself and came across these molasses teething cookies. He will gum on one of these for a good twenty minutes.

baby food

baby food

Up until now the dogs have not taken any interest in Emmet.  Bella, who is known to knock over the kibble container every once in awhile and eat to her hearts desire, has now realized that Emmet drops things.  Like food.  She will sit patiently each time he has food and wait. And wait.  And hope he drops something she can quickly gobble up.

familyThese tasty little cookies also make quite the mess.  The kind of mess that requires a bath. This time, Daddy gave Emmet a bath in his pool outside.  Please ignore the dead grass.  it has been the kind of hot that takes your breath away when you step outside. Two months of that + no sprinkler system = goodbye grass.


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