One of those days

E has a headcold.  Things have been very snotty around here this week. In between sucking snot out of E’s nose we manage to squeeze in some fun.

domestic devotion

domestic devotion

Evenings are not as much fun.  Emmet lasts about 5 minutes in his seat and then dinner gets rubbed all over his head.

domestic devotionAnd then things quickly turn to this.

domestic devotionA bath makes it all better.

domestic devotion

I’ve determined that happy hour was invented by parents.  You see it falls at the same time that kids lose their mind.  I do not think this is mere coincidence.  Sometimes, a glass of wine or house drink (to be shared in a later post) helps you maneuver through the witching hour to bedtime.  Then you can return to the dinner table to finish the half eaten dinner you had to ditch earlier.


Pureed butternut squash

I’m back in the habit of visiting the farmer’s market every weekend.  Johnson’s Backyard Garden is just one of the vendors and they grow organic local produce. We had a CSA share with them for a month while I was pregnant in efforts to eat more veggies. I could not resist these butternut squash a few weeks back.  I got a wild hair and bought 10 lbs! Emmet got a big batch of baby food out of it and we roasted some for ourselves as well. Hang on, I should say I roasted some for myself because I was the only one who ate it.  I keep trying to will Dylan into eating more veggies so Emmet won’t have an excuse not to eat his when the time comes.  I am not winning that battle… yet.

  • Remove the ends, halve the squash the long way and remove the seeds
  • Peel and cut into same size chunks
  • Steam the squash, reserving some of the remaining water
  • Puree the steamed squash using the remaining water to thin it out
I like to freeze my purees in 1 ounce cubes using these trays and then store them in a labeled ziplock freezer bag.

homemade babyfood

There was a cantaloupe in the background in that photo.  I also made some more popsicles for Emmet.  I used the same method found here.  The popsicles came in extremely handy as E cut his second tooth.  Yes, he has two now!

homemade baby food

Brain freeze.homemade baby food

Goat cheese and mango quesadillas

On our recent day trip to Krause Springs, we packed a picnic lunch.  I try to stick to finger foods on picnics and quesadillas are a perfect match.  Instead of the usual Mexican flavors, I went for something new.  These are amazing.  So tasty that I’ve already made them again.  They can also be made in the about 15 minutes it takes Emmet to devour a teething cookie, which is a HUGE plus in my book.


  • 4 ounces goat cheese (room temperature)
  • 6 flour tortillas ( I will take flour over GM corn any day.)
  • 1 mango, thinly sliced
  • 1 jalapeno, thinly sliced
  • 1/3 cup cilantro leaves
What to do:
While your skillet is heating up, spread the goat cheese on your first tortilla.  Then add some mango, jalapeno and cilantro.  Fold the tortilla it in half and toss it in the skillet. Original recipe found here.
What is your favorite picnic recipe?

Texas swimming holes – Krause Springs

Krause Springs

Last weekend we made the trip to Krause Springs to check out one of Central Texas’ top swimming holes.  You know you’re either a) old or b) a parent when steep rickety looking stairs scare you.  Turns out they were not rickety but they gave our blood pressure a good jump regardless.  Of course, after we scaled them we found a much easier path down to the spring…

Krause SpringsWhile it may not have been the best choice for a baby, it was quite beautiful.  We were surrounded by green plants, (which are hard to come by in Texas right now) moss covered rocks and some little falls.

Krause SpringsD and Emmet stretched out after our picnic lunch to enjoy the swimming hole sounds and take a rest.  Emmet is such an eager swimmer that he gets pretty tired.  Krause Springs is just under an hour drive from Austin; making for a nice short day trip.  What is your favorite swimming hole in Texas?

Summer pleasures

As a crunchy mama I am trying to get us to eat in season more and more.  This is also a good way to save money while eating organic foods.  I snatched up some organic honeydew melons earlier this summer and put them to good use in homemade babyfood.  How, you ask?  It’s so easy!

  1. Halve each melon, scoop out the seeds and remove the flesh from the rinds
  2. Cut the flesh into chunks, add to your blender and puree
  3. Pour into ice cube molds, freeze and store in ziploc bags marked with the date

homemade baby food

I also got some popsicle molds.  These are by Annabel Karmel but any brand will do.  I liked these as they were on sale and they have a special lip where the melted liquid goes instead of dripping down baby’s hand.  Pour your puree into the molds and freeze for tasty and healthy homemade organic popsicles. I first tried giving Emmet one in June and he was not into it.  I tried again recently and he gobbled it up!  I think teething has something to do with his change of heart.

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