Summer pleasures

As a crunchy mama I am trying to get us to eat in season more and more.  This is also a good way to save money while eating organic foods.  I snatched up some organic honeydew melons earlier this summer and put them to good use in homemade babyfood.  How, you ask?  It’s so easy!

  1. Halve each melon, scoop out the seeds and remove the flesh from the rinds
  2. Cut the flesh into chunks, add to your blender and puree
  3. Pour into ice cube molds, freeze and store in ziploc bags marked with the date

homemade baby food

I also got some popsicle molds.  These are by Annabel Karmel but any brand will do.  I liked these as they were on sale and they have a special lip where the melted liquid goes instead of dripping down baby’s hand.  Pour your puree into the molds and freeze for tasty and healthy homemade organic popsicles. I first tried giving Emmet one in June and he was not into it.  I tried again recently and he gobbled it up!  I think teething has something to do with his change of heart.

baby recipesbaby recipesbaby food


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