I’m a photographer

I am learning to say that I am a photographer.  I went through a similar phase when I started running.  All you have to do is do a thing, and you are a doer of that thing.  It doesn’t matter if you’re any good at it.  You are still DOING it.  Therefore, I am a photographer.  I am not trying to start a business, just to be able to take great shots of E.  I purchased an entry level DSLR camera a couple of months ago and have slowly been learning how to use it.  Early on I refused to use the automatic modes so manual it has been.  I am looking forward to watching the progression of my skills on this blog.  I recently purchased Canon’s nifty 50 lens and can now get much better shots of Emmet.  Now if I could only get him to slow down/stay still for a few seconds.  He is always on the move!

mom photographer

Here he is on the move.  He is so long, 30.5 inches!

mom photographer

Emmet has been sticking his tongue out a lot lately.

mom photographer

More tongue. Me likey the new lens!

mom photographermom photographer

I love this guy!

mom photographer


2 thoughts on “I’m a photographer

  1. You’ve got some wonderful shots of your adorable little guy. You’re learning quickly!

    Also, I so identify with this. It was a huge step for ne to call myself a writer when I first started writing seriously almost ten years ago. When I was given my first DSLR and started taking photos, I hesitated to call myself a photographer. I think it’s so easy to get caught up with the (very American) idea that if you don’t make money doing it then it’s not legit. Now I claim it loud and proud!

    (BTW we met at the AP meeting this week – I was there with my husband and son, and Isaw your URL on your profile. Hello!)

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