Setting an intention

This blog is covered with photos of Emmet and a good bit of Emmet and Dylan.  There are exactly zero of Emmet and I.  Time to fix that.  I am setting an intention to get more shots of E & I together.  This one is just after bath time and what you can’t see is that my shirt is soaked from splashing and the sharing of a dripping wet wash cloth.

Austin SAHM blog

Sometimes Emmet hangs out in the sink while I prep dinner.  Today he did something hilarious. I guess he was thirsty?

Austin SAHM blogHe got a few sips from the sprayer too.

Austin SAHM blogA friend recently told me that 9 months and 18 months were her favorite ages for her son so far.  I’ve been thinking about which ages were my favorite and it’s really hard to pick one.  Instead, I will pick a few, in chronological order:

1.  The first couple weeks – Our my hormones were all crazy and just looking at E made us me gush tears of love.  Yep, I did that.

2.  2 months – I felt like I sort of had it together but had not gone back to work yet.  Oh, how wonderful it was to nap with him everyday and just watch him sleep.

3.  5 months – He was throwing down developmental milestones left and right, one of which was sitting up solidly.  This was about when we started spending lots of time in his little pool outside.

4.  8 months – He is soaking up everything around him and it’s so much fun to watch.  I also was able to start giving him little pieces of food from my plate in addition to the babyfood I make.

What are your favorite age(s) of your kiddos?


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