Infant Captain America costume

We are going to be a superhero family for H-a-double-l-e-w-double-e-n.  Emmet’s Captain America costume is ready to rock.  It’s a nice simple homemade costume.  I like homemade costumes better than store bought because they have love in them.  And a lot less plastic and weird fibers.  They also don’t smell funny.  Dylan likes store bought costumes because he didn’t have them when he was little.  I had a combo of both.  In my experience the homemade costumes kicked the store bought costumes behinds.


  • royal blue onesie
  • red and white striped babylegs
  • white felt
  • red felt
  • foam disk for shield
  • glue gun
The shield has a strap on the back that goes around E’s arm.  The red cuff on the left of the pic below goes on his other arm. Is he going to like wearing either?  I have no idea. Probably not.  We’ll see how long they last.

Infant Captain America Costume

We got this sweet 3-1 trike for Emmet yesterday.  I am really tempted to pimp it out Captain American style and use it to cart E around when we go trick or treating.  How can I not?  He loves riding in it.

Infant Captain America costume

It has a cell phone.  I’m not even going to go there.

Infant Captain America CostumeI am going to be Wonder Woman and Dylan is going to be Hellboy.  His costume was ordered online.  I hit up the thrift stores for mine and I will be putting a couple more pieces of felt to good use.  I do me, he does him.

Infant Captain America costume


2 thoughts on “Infant Captain America costume

  1. The Captain American costume is too cute for words! It reminds me of you in your cabbage
    patch costume I made you. The head piece was so heavy you said it made your neck curve! Emmet’s surpasses the patch kid hands down. Very Clever!

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