Hiking at Bull Creek

The weather allows us to resume hiking once again.  Yay!  We recently went to an old favorite spot, Bull Creek.

Bull CreekBull CreekWe have a sweet Kelty baby carrier so Dylan can wear E while we hike.  He sweats easily and this keeps he and E cooler and also keeps E sweat free.  It’s a win-win. By now you’ve noticed that my husband has a penchant for wearing extremely short shorts.  All. the. time. We have our friend Tim to thank for that.

One of the perks of Bull Creek is that it’s a creek.  Normally it has yummy cold water flowing all along the trails.  Only this year we’ve had this insane drought and what used to be a big creek is now just a bed of rocks.  Nuts!  The silver lining is that we were able to see how deep the deep parts really are.

Bull Creek

The focus on this image is blech but I love how E is grabbing Dylan’s shirt so I had to include it.  It melts my heart!

Bull Creek


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