we made it

Emmet’s first birthday is in less than a month.  I’ve never been a particularly emotional person but motherhood has changed all that.  I’m emotional over this birthday.  Where did the past year go?  How are we leaving babyhood behind already?  I’m not ready yet.  AGGHHH!

What an amazing year it has been.  I am so *SO* thankful that I was able to quit my job in July and stay home with E.  I know it’s not for everyone and I fully respect that.  It was absolutely the right decision for me.  I do not miss my job one iota.  I have a budget spreadsheet, a rad camera and I have this blog.  I don’t have much free time but when I do, those are the things I fiddle with.  I have never been happier.

I have so many wonderful memories of this first year.  Here are my favorites:

  • Taking naps with Emmet.  There is nothing better than waking up next to a sleepy, smiling, DELICIOUS smelling baby!  Nothing.better.really.nothing.
  • Spending time outside together.  We played with grass, leaves, dirt and splashed in his little pool for hours this summer and fall.  Lil man LOVES being outside.  Mama too!
  • Rough housing/tickle sessions on the bed.  This is nearly a daily activity that I hope will continue for at least a few more years.
  • Reading books.  I can read you his favorite 5 books by heart. I have read them over and over and over and it never gets old. “Who’s hiding behind smiley dollie?  Smiley baby!”
  • When he was  about 4 months old and started sitting in his bumbo seat he became fascinated by his toes.  He would lean forward reaching further and further until one day he could get his toe in his mouth.  It was so cute watching him try to reach them and then when he did, he sure didn’t seem to expect the mouthful he got.
  • Family dates!  Time to time all three of us go out to eat together.  I will never forget the sushi dinner that we inhaled in 30 minutes.  E was pretty little then and his tolerance for eating out during the witching hour was pretty low.  Now we get to share some of our food with him.  It’s so cool!

I think E’s birthday is as much a celebration for him as it is for Dylan and I.  This whole parenting thing is no small undertaking.  It really does take a village.  I think we’ll have to dedicate a date night to celebrate, just the two of us.  While part of our “village” loves on lil man.  And I’ve got a party to plan!


3 thoughts on “we made it

  1. Happy birthday, Emmet!! And happy birthing day anniversary to you, mama! What a great reflection on his first year of life, and your first year in this new world of parenting. I was emotional about our baby starting solids; I will probably be a wreck on his first birthday. You are not alone!

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