swimming and schlepping

We took Emmet swimming at Barton Springs every Sunday this summer and spent countless hours splashing in his little pool in the backyard.  We went to a weekly meetup at another Austin swimming hole and there was also our jaunt to Krause Springs.  The kid L.O.V.E.S the water.  We had more than one parent tell us it looked like he was really swimming.  Yep, he IS that good.

baby swim lessons

Now we’ve taken on swimming lessons.  We’ve been a couple of times and it is a blast.  I have about 15 new songs to learn, only two of which are twists on songs I actually know.  I’ll get there. I get a great leg workout because the water is no more than three feet deep and hits at about my waist.  Well, you see, you hold your kid while you’re in the water.  Except when I do that, Emmet is not actually in the water.  So I have to squat or lunge to get him down into the water.  Combine that with holding 25+ lbs  and mommy is getting 30 minutes of lunges and squats.  Nice!  No wonder my jeans are starting to fall off.

What do swimming lessons have to do with schlepping you ask?  The schlepping comes after the swimming lesson.  You take wet wiggly baby and get them dried off and into a fresh diaper and clothes.  Now you are left with a soggy parent.  The first lesson I took my wiggly dry clothed baby into the dressing room so I could change.  Said baby continually tried to crawl under the door and out of the dressing room.  Have you ever tried to put jeans on when wet and trying to block a baby from crawling away?  It doesn’t work so well.  Once I got dressed I went and found the other mom in my class to see what her getaway strategy was.  She was still in her bathing suit, with a cover up thrown on and soaking wet.  That is how she left.  Soaking wet and schlepping a wiggly baby and a bag of wet bathing goodness.

For lesson number two I tried her strategy.  I schlepped well.  Only now it’s officially Texas winter weather and today at 11am it was no more than 50 degrees.  I need a new plan.  While I strategize I will be thankful I am doing this in Texas winter weather and not up north real winter weather.  No chance of frozen hair down here!

Any input on my new strategy is much appreciated!

baby swimming lessons


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