totally rad stockings

As you know by now, we have a new family member and hence we need a new stocking.  I don’t want anybody else many others to have my same stockings and I want to support a small business so I went straight to Etsy.  There I found a plethora of fun choices.  My favorite was by LaFortune’s Linens.  They are not exactly ‘Christmas-y’ stockings which is not something you usually see and I like that about them.  They are crazy fresh.  I liked them so much that we all got new stockings.  There are tons of fun fabrics to choose from.

christmas stockings

For the record, Dylan picked the houndstooth himself.  He’s so fly.  I can’t wait to stuff ’em on the 24th. Woot!

Did you get any new fun xmas gear this year?

*Nobody paid me and in no way was I compensated for writing about this product.  I just loved it and wanted to share!

These lights are in my ‘hood.  They rock.  I should write a post about the pride of Texans.  It is something to stand in awe of.

christmas stocking


3 thoughts on “totally rad stockings

  1. Love the stockings. Modern, funky & fun. I have bought quite a few things on etsy. It is one of my favorite sites!
    Crazy Texans….. does everyone in TX decorate with crazy lights like here?

    • Yes with the crazy lights. We went to check some out last night. A street of 12 houses all lit up like Vegas and each house had a verse from “It Twas the Night Before Christmas.” We saw another house that had the lights synched to music AND their own radio station so you could tune in and watch/listen. Nuts!

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