it’s a new year

On New Years Eve it was a whopping 75 degrees here and we spent a ton of time outside.  We played with rocks, raked the leaves for the fourth time this winter, hula hooped and drew with sidewalk chalk.  I would like to take a moment to let you know that I have NEVER been able to hula hoop. I have tried many a time and just did not have the moves.  On NYE I got my groove!  I hula hooped!  My friend Ginger will be so proud when she reads this.  She is a hula hoop master.  Needless to say, there will be much more hula hooping happening around here.  This was my genie pose while hooping.

hula hooping

There was no babysitter and no fancy night out.  The most important thing to us was at home so that is where we happily stayed.  I may have even fallen asleep when I put E to bed at 8pm…  We began the first day of this new year with some mimosas to account for the lack of hoo-rah last night.

domestic devotion

I am not big on new year resolutions.  I think it’s silly to make them because it’s a new year.  I don’t think they tend to last long when done in this fashion.  I like to make them all year long and I make more progress this way.  All that being said I did take stock of what has been bumping around in my head and made you a nice sidewalk chalk list.
new year resolutions
And I can’t leave you without an Emmet shot. So here.
domestic devotion
How did you ring in the new year?

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