something amazing happened today

This afternoon in the kitchen something amazing happened.  I was not expecting it.  Not today, not for awhile really.  Emmet was playing on the floor. He has access to a couple of low cupboards and likes to pull out all the plasticware and a box of Ziploc bags .  He likes to pull out each bag one by one.  I was slinging some grub into the crock pot for dinner.  When I finished, I walked over to where he was standing at his cupboard and reached my arms out and said something along the lines of ‘let’s go play some more.’  He took two steps to me. TWO!  Two unassisted steps. I figured he would squat down and crawl to me or I would reach out further to pick him up.  Only there wasn’t time for either of those thing to happen.  My boy walked today and I was there to see it.  Fucking awesome!  This is why I quit my job people.  This is *it.*

Now I have to go put all those Ziploc bags back in the box for tomorrow.


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