is that smoke I smell?

This is what I ate for dinner last night.


How did I do this you ask?  Oh, I am not even sure.  One minute I am in the kitchen heating up dinner and the next minute Emmet is needing my attention and I got sidetracked playing with him.  Next thing you know I smell smoke and think “Oh crap my flautas!”  I love flautas too much to put them to waste.  So I ate burnt flautas for dinner.  After the third one I got smart and picked off some of the super burned parts.  It really wasn’t too bad smothered in salsa and guacamole.

Do you know what else I did yesterday? As I was putting a sleeping Emmet into my Ergo whilst parked in a compact spot (I drive a small SUV) and trying not to squish him into the door or bang the car next to us with the door, I let the door shut.  And I had already locked the car. It wasn’t a strong shut, it was just barely enough so the lock clicked.  This is what I get for parking in the compact spot but seriously, there were no other spots.  $40 and 30 minutes later we were back in the car.  Did I mention it was sprinkling?

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