is that smoke I smell?

This is what I ate for dinner last night.


How did I do this you ask?  Oh, I am not even sure.  One minute I am in the kitchen heating up dinner and the next minute Emmet is needing my attention and I got sidetracked playing with him.  Next thing you know I smell smoke and think “Oh crap my flautas!”  I love flautas too much to put them to waste.  So I ate burnt flautas for dinner.  After the third one I got smart and picked off some of the super burned parts.  It really wasn’t too bad smothered in salsa and guacamole.

Do you know what else I did yesterday? As I was putting a sleeping Emmet into my Ergo whilst parked in a compact spot (I drive a small SUV) and trying not to squish him into the door or bang the car next to us with the door, I let the door shut.  And I had already locked the car. It wasn’t a strong shut, it was just barely enough so the lock clicked.  This is what I get for parking in the compact spot but seriously, there were no other spots.  $40 and 30 minutes later we were back in the car.  Did I mention it was sprinkling?

One of those days

E has a headcold.  Things have been very snotty around here this week. In between sucking snot out of E’s nose we manage to squeeze in some fun.

domestic devotion

domestic devotion

Evenings are not as much fun.  Emmet lasts about 5 minutes in his seat and then dinner gets rubbed all over his head.

domestic devotionAnd then things quickly turn to this.

domestic devotionA bath makes it all better.

domestic devotion

I’ve determined that happy hour was invented by parents.  You see it falls at the same time that kids lose their mind.  I do not think this is mere coincidence.  Sometimes, a glass of wine or house drink (to be shared in a later post) helps you maneuver through the witching hour to bedtime.  Then you can return to the dinner table to finish the half eaten dinner you had to ditch earlier.